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Berkley Powerbait Paddlestinger 5in

Enhance your fishing experience with the Berkley Powerbait Paddlestinger 5in. The patent pending Honeycomb technology provides increased durability without compromising on action. Its thick baitfish profile and back and belly slots allow for versatile rigging styles. Infused with PowerBait® scent and flavour, this bait is sure to attract and catch more fish.

Featuring patent pending Honeycomb technology the PowerBait PaddleStinger showcases durability in a paddle tail style swimbait without sacrificing action. Designed with both profile and action in mind, the PaddleStinger has a thick baitfish profile and a dense head to provide easy rigging on multiple hook styles. Infused with Berkley’s legendary PowerBait scent, the scientific formula emits a taste and smell that mimics real prey and makes fish bite and hold on 18x longer than traditional unscented plastics.

Length: 5 inch - 13cm
3 per pack

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