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Atomic Linez FC Leader 50m

The Atomic Linez dual core, multi-layered fluorocarbon leader boasts a unique blend of quality materials. Its near-invisibility in water and excellent abrasion resistance make it ideal for targeting finicky fish in clear waters. With high density for quick sinking and low stretch for enhanced bite detection, this leader is a must-have for serious anglers.

The line also possesses excellent abrasion resistance, ensuring durability when fishing around structure. Furthermore, it has a higher density than water, allowing it to sink quickly and maintain a direct connection to your bait or lure. With its low stretch and high sensitivity, Atomic fluorocarbon leader provides enhanced bite detection and immediate hook ups.

Breaking Strain (lb) PE Size Diameter (mm)
3 0.6 0.14
4 0.8 0.16
6 1.2 0.2
8 1.7 0.23
10 2.5 0.28
12 3 0.3
16 4 0.35
20 6 0.42

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