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Atomic Hardz K9 Walker

From glassy conditions to a moderate ripple on the surface, this lure will have it covered. The lures' shape and weight aids casting. It effortlessly sails out to impressively good distances and even lands with a subtle and fish attracting splashdown. The design, like the Bulldog, encourages the "walk the dog" action making this lure also suitable for anglers new to this style of fishing. Perfect when fish are chasing smaller bait on the surface.

Surface lures are ideal for the warmer months. Bream will readily hunt in the shallows and whiting will prowl sand banks in numbers looking for baitfish and prawns. In summer bass will also rise to any surface presentation. Target areas include weed beds, sand flats and even the shallows of estuaries or canal systems.

Length: 60mm
Weight: 3.3g
Floating - Walk-The-Dog

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