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Atomic Hardz K9 Pup

This is the finesse lure of the K9 range and is an impressive "walk the dog" lure. Suitable in those glassed out conditions when the cunning angler needs to impart some stealth towards his super spooky prey. With its smaller prawn like profile the Pup can be walked, twitched or dead-sticked in the path of a cruising and marauding fish. Deadly on bream and whiting, vary your retrieve until you fool the fish.

Surface lures are ideal for the warmer months. Bream will readily hunt in the shallows and whiting will prowl sand banks in numbers looking for baitfish and prawns. In summer bass will also rise to any surface presentation. Target areas include weed beds, sand flats and even the shallows of estuaries or canal systems.

Length: 47mm
Weight: 2.0g
Floating - Walk-The-Dog

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