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ASWB Lipped Stick 30

The ASWB Lipped Stick 30 is the latest casting lure to be released from this innovative WA owned and operated brand.

Floating at rest, the ASWB Lipped Stick 30 dives to the depth of 1.2m.   With it's internal moving cast weight system, the ASWB Lipped Stick 30 is designed for maximum cast distance!

The ASWB Lipped Stick 30 comes rigged with quality BKK 4X strength treble hooks and split rings and is completely wired through to deal with the toughest brawlers in the ocean!

With completely recyclable cardboard packaging (no plastic!) and the lures themselves made from part recycled ABS plastic you can feel good that you are supporting a company that cares for the seas and environment.

  • 30g / 130mm with ASWB internal moving cast weight system
  • Floating - diving depth to 1.2m
  • Cast or Troll (4-8 knots)
  • BKK 6063 4X strength hooks and split rings
  • BKK Ultra anti-rust finish
  • Fully wired through 314 Stainless tow points
  • Target Species: All Reefies, Black Bass, Barra, Yellowtail Kingies and Mahi Mahi

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