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ASWB Flutter Drop 50

The Flutter Drop 50 is the latest slow sinking stickbait to be released by ASWB. This is the first moulded ABS lure to come from ASWB and has some exciting new finishes. Made from part-recycled ABS plastic the body is fully wired through to cope with the hardest fighting predatory fish in the ocean. The Flutter Drop 50 is rigged with high-quality BKK Hooks and Split rings, so no upgrades are needed from the factory.

The slow sinking action of these lures allows them to be continuously slow swept with an enticing action or paused and twitched.  With its irresistible horizontal flutter on the pause, these are one of the best stickbaits out there in its class.

Whether you're casting for monster Kingfish, Tailor or Salmon down south or travelling north targeting Coral Trout, GTs, Tuna and Maccies these are a must-have stickbait for your collection!


  • Weight - 50g
  • Length - 130mm
  • BKK 6063 4X strength hooks and split rings
  • Fully wired through 316 Stainless Steel Tow Points
  • Part Recycled ABS plastic Body

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