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Apia Punch Line Muscle 95

The 1oz Punch Line Muscle is the heaviest model in the series, but the action in the water doesn't have the heavy feel that usually happens with added to weights. Of course, the casting distance is great, but the weight distribution is such that it can maintain a horizontal fall posture, even on rocky shores and breakwaters where there is a high angle. It is highly useable in currents and deep water, but it can be used in any situation, including situations where normal minnows cannot reach the target, such as rivers and surf where long casts are required.

Characteristic flat head shape that feels "resistance":
A general sinking pencil has almost no "surface" to resist water, and it was difficult to grasp the flow of water due to a lack of feedback. The "punch line" maximizes the "feel of use". This reliably transmits the lure position and water flow to the angler.

Rolling fall that maintains a natural parallel posture:
This is outstandingly effective against a threaded target When falling, a rolling fall is generated while maintaining a parallel posture. This demonstrates a powerful appeal that overcomes tough control when sea bass stops responding to lures that move in the lateral direction.

Length: 95mm
Weight: 28g
Action: Fast Sinking, S-Shaped Slalom and Rolling Fall
Hooks: #4

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