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Apia Grandage Lite

Although the rods have a similar minimalist design, each one is filled with elements that allow you to enjoy a delicate and snappy game. In developing this series, they also pursued specialised elements that deviated from the GRANDAGE concept of "highly versatile rods." A wide range of elements were required for each, such as blank moulding, guide setting, and handle design, but the most straightforward proposition was to sublimate them and still achieve a weight reduction that differs from previous standards. One of the development themes of GRANDAGE LITE is to review the previous approach that primarily focused on the high overall balance based on the tackle setting that is expected to be used, and to focus on the weight itself.

Therefore, the blank material itself is comparable to higher-end models, and Apia focused on determining the cost and manufacturing method. For some models, they also tweaked the arbor blank support structure within the scope of maintaining the strength standards. Apia have made it significantly lighter than existing models, making it the lightest in APIA's history, and it is easier to enjoy the benefits of the vibration transmission rate and sensitivity that come from the lighter weight. The new normal for light game rods was born from ruminating on the technical questions and answers gained through fieldwork, and each model, from the 5-foot class to the 9-foot model, has a high level of basic performance that suits each use and purpose.

Grandage Lite 72
Super Light Versatile Model
It features a light feel that can be used with lightweight metal jigs, small plugs, and even single jigs in the 1-5g class. Lightweight lures are surprisingly difficult to cast. The blank's rebound is easy to use even with extremely small lures, providing a comfortable casting feel. In order to enjoy a wide range of light games, it is easy to cast and hook even for beginners, making it a fun rod to use.
7'2'' Super Light Shore Jigging type 1
Line: 1.0-2.5lb/PE #0.1-0.6
Lure: 0.6-5g Weight: 62g

Grandage Lite 83
Finesse long cast model.
A long-length model that casts lightweight lures smoothly and smoothly. With its delicate and sharp feel and straightforward rod action, it is possible to approach a wide range of targets with any lure, from the surface to the bottom, depending on the activity of the fish and the species you are targeting.
8'3'' Super Light Shore Jigging type 3
Line: 2.0-4.0lb./PE #0.2-0.6
Lure: 3-15g Weight: 73g

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