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Apia Grandage Atlas

Apia Grandage Atlas Blackfin
A powerful model specialized for rocky fin sea bass and also suitable for medium-sized bluefish. The GRANDAGE ATLAS BLACKFIN series is made up of a line-up of rods with stronger resilience and power than conventional blackfish rods. Fishing for rocky fin sea bass is always forced under harsh conditions, such as approaching lures into a headwind of 10m/s, and landing during rough seas by dragging the lure up the rocks or pulling it out. However, even if you do not approach the rough water surface carelessly, the rod power can lead you to a safe landing. The Grandage Atlas Blackfin series is not an extension of conventional sea bass rods, but rather has a solid feel that makes you think it is a bluefish rod at first glance.

Blackfin 102HH
The rocky coast is a dream field where incredible fish can be found. Since you never know when you might encounter a fish that you may only encounter once in your lifetime, you need to be prepared to fight a monster at all times. The Black Fin 102HH has top-class repulsion and power among rocky coastal fishing rods, and it really shines for the "crazy rock shoreman" who wants to catch monster blackfin sea bass and bluefish even in the harshest conditions.
Target: Blackfin sea bass, horse mackerel, yellowtail, and other medium-sized blue fish.
Situation: Rocky shore, embankment.

Length: 10'2" (3.099)  Lure: 15-70 (Plug: MAX 60) g
Line: #1.5-3 Weight: 275 g


Apia Grandage Atlas C-Safari
The pinnacle of shore rods for taking on giant fish in the Southern Ocean! The GRANDAGE ATLAS C-SAFARI series has undergone numerous tests and is now ready to be released. Through repeated testing in Japan's giant fish fields, such as the Nansei Islands, Tokara Islands, and Ogasawara Islands, the C-SAFARI series is the pinnacle of shore rods, with not only power and strength, but also distance performance that efficiently transmits repeated casting and unparalleled lightness of rod work that is unparalleled in this class. It is now ready to take on the "giants" that reign supreme in these waters.

C-Safari 100GT
It is no exaggeration to say that the angler's patience determines the outcome of a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a large fish. The C-SAFARI 100GT is designed to be powerful, strong, and durable enough to allow for long-term casting, and the blank's repulsive power and action are also pursued. This model is recommended for anglers who are just starting out in fishing for "big fish," as well as experts and those with average builds.
Target: GT, tuna, other large blue fish
Situation: Rocky coast, embankment

Length: 10'0" (3.05)  Lure: Plug: MAX140g / Jig: MAX160g
Line: #5-8 Weight: 460g

C-Safari 99MAX
50kg class GT and Dogtooth Tuna. To tackle the largest class of fish that can be caught on the shores of Japan, you need to have the stamina, skill, and tackle balance to face it. It is a big wall that cannot be overcome unless you have everything in place. Masayuki Kawakita continued to test this model, battling giant fish, and ultimately caught four over 50kg with this model. Unlike the 100GT, the 99MAX is not a model that everyone can handle, but it is a model that anglers who are dedicated to targeting giant fish should get their hands on.
Target: GT, tuna, other large blue fish
Situation: Rocky coast, embankment

Length: 9'9" (2.972)  Lure: Plug: MAX180g / Jig: MAX200g
Line: #6-12 Weight: 443g

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