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Apia Baleine 125F

The Apia Baleine 125F swims with a natural action, just below the surface of the water. It covers a wide range of depth from 10 to 50 cm by adjusting retrieve speed and rod position. In addition to drifting in rivers, it is also active in areas with weak currents and still water areas, due to the exquisite design of its buoyancy. Furthermore, with the right rod action, you can also perform dart action to the left and right.

Apia Baleine 125F features
・I-shaped ~ rolling ~ slalom. Natural action that is not too flashy.
・It fluctuates due to changes in retrieve speed and flow speed, creating a natural bite.
・Dart action to the left and right by operating the rod.

Length: 125mm
Weight: 22g
Hooks: #3 x2

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