Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge Big Tuna 83 Japan Special

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In Japan, we have a variety of species of Tuna, including the bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth etc. Each species inhabit different seas with different current conditions, water temperature, baits and sizes. Furthermore, the size of these species tend to be growing and with the evolution of our fishing tackle and the improvement of the anglers capabilities, super large size (200kg class) tuna have started being caught. In order to adapt to the ever changing conditions and situations, we have started the reconstruction of the BIG-TUNA series.
To begin with, we have added the 83 to the series in 2020 as the successor for the long hit in past years. Tuna rods are the largest and most powerful series of rods and thus require the most intricate carbon sheet patterns and techniques in order to create the blanks. We need to continue evolving and improving our techniques to keep up with the most up to date fishing techniques and style. Please stand by and look forward to future developments in the BIG-TUNA series.

The pin-thread color will be changed according to power category (as of 2020 shipment). The light class 85F will have silver, the middle class 83 will have blue, the heavy class 85 and 710 will have red and the power class 73 and 76 will have champagne gold color pin threads.
In addition, the name of the models will be imprinted in the butt spacer for easier identification for those anglers who take numerous models on a boat.

Big Tuna 83 Japan Special was developed with “lure control” and “fight” as its main focus, but it goes without saying that casting is also outstanding. It is a PE6~8 middle class rod not only able to pinpoint cast but also able to utilize small mouthed diving poppers and diving pencils required for an attack. You will be able to realize the evolution of our BIG-TUNA series with its lightness and outstanding balance, allowing anglers to cast all day long. Furthermore, the bending point is set close to the body enabling anglers to easily bend in and capitalize on the butt power with little effort.