Yamashita TR Tip Run 3.5 30g


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Yamashita Egi Oh Tip Run 3.5 

Yamashita’s Egi Oh TR squid jigs are their range of ‘tip-run’ style jigs designed for boat squidding while the line is tight so you’re in constant contact with your jig. A technique adopted when squidding deeper water or when experiencing a fast drift.

The TR range features a small keel style fin at the rear of the jig. This fin helps the jig track straight in the water when it is being held static but aids the jigs erratic action when the jig is worked, attracting the attention of any nearby squid and enticing a strike. The jigs also have Yamashita’s well known ‘warm jacket’ adding to the list of innovative features these jigs have.

As most of the weight is in the head of the TR jigs they sink very quickly. Once at the bottom hop the jig 2 or 3 times and then hold line tension and drift for 10 to 30 seconds before hopping the jig 2 to 3 times again.

The Tip Run technique is very effective as you cover a lot of water while keeping your squid jig in the strike zone.


Yamashita Egi Oh Tip Run 3.5 features:



Sink Rate









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