Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live 3.0 Old Colours

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Anglers looking for a squid jig that has been technically proven better at attracting squid need to look no further than the range of Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live Size 3.0 Squid Jigs. Through extensive research and development, Yamashita identified that squid has the ability to detect very slight temperature changes in the water, which helps them target their prey.

Yamashita’s patented thermo-storage cloth ‘Tactywarm’ has a number of other common names, but one thing remains the same. The cloth reacts to any form of light, converting it into heat. Obviously, this means that these squid jigs will stay warmer underwater longer than traditional squid jig designs, but what’s more important is the fact that slight increase in temperature ranging from 0.5-1.0 degrees celsius has a huge impact on the effectiveness of the Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live Size 3.0 Squid Jig. You’ve got a squid jig that’s putting you ahead of the game in a way that no other squid jig can - with heat. Keep them under a torchlight at night before using them to take full advantage of that fact they turn light into body heat.

When it comes to giving that body heat some extra lifelike action, Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live Size 3.0 Squid Jigs are further designed to minimise resistance in the water. Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live Size 3.0 Squid Jigs pop and dart with the slightest jerk from your rod. You’ll just love that ‘walk the dog’ action, it’s literally a walk in the underwater park.

The list of fish-catching features continues on and on. Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live Size 3.0 Squid Jigs include large, flat eyes with a glow edge, super fine spikes, Hyper Direct SUS eyelet to maintain jig strength and protect against breakage or leaks, a knife-edged sinker to reduce resistance in the water, and a strike body to make it easy to retrieve the jig. Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live Size 3.0 Squid Jigs also have a much longer casting distance than many other jigs, and a sink rate of 3.0-3.0sec/m in a 20gm jig.

Nevertheless, squid is more intelligent than most believe. If you think they look adapted to their environment, that’s just the beginning. You’ve always got to mix it up because squid shows rapid behavioural adaptations under study. In other words, they learn pretty fast. And that's all the more reason to have an array of weapons in your arsenal.

We offer the most effective Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live Size 3.0 Squid Jigs in a selection of colours. More importantly, you can be sure you are getting the genuine item.

Grab a great deal on a stack of Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live Size 3.0 Squid Jigs and other sizes now.

  • Thermo Storage Cloth Turns Light to Heat
  • Patented Slim Nose Design
  • Full Strength
  • Easily Jigged
  • Large Flat Eyes/Glow Edge
  • Super Fine Squid Spikes
  • Hyper Direct SUS eyelet
  • Knife Edged Style Sink Weight
  • Strike Body
  • Lower Resistance, Better for Distance Casting, Better Choice for Deeper Water, Also Target Cuttlefish & Octopus