Yamaga Blanks Galahad


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Yamaga Blanks Galahad

The Yamaga Blanks Galahad series are sensitive and powerful with great strength. The blanks have been redesigned to sense the subtle changes in current. The butt section is also redesigned to accommodate more loading power. There are two new models in light and medium class for overhead reels. With the introduction of slow pitch jigging recently, the basic style of jigging has also changed drastically. The blanks have become lighter, thinner and easier to work when jerking jigs. This is in contrast to the old days where the angler has work the jigs furiously. The short slim blank of the Galahad is ever ready to hook up a big one and will withstand more than expected.


Model Type Length Weight Pieces Line Jig
586B O/Head 5'8" 242g 1 pce 350g PE 6
633B O/Head 6'3" 205g 1 pce 150g PE 3
622S Spin 6'3" 189g 1 pce 90g PE 2
613S Spin 6'1" 202g 1 pce 120g PE 3
595S Spin 5'9" 203g 1 pce 180g PE 4
587S Spin 5'8" 261g 1 pce 250g PE 5
612B O/Head 6'1" 181g 1 pce 90g PE 2
604B O/Head 6'0" 192g 1 pce 150g PE 4
624B O/Head 6'2" 199g 1 pce 250g PE 5
5210S Spin 5'2" 290g 1 pce 300g PE 6
593S Spin 5'9" 190g 1 pce 120g PE 3



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