Yamaga Blanks Blue Sniper Boat Cast

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Yamaga Blanks Blue Sniper Boat Cast

The Yamaga Blanks Blue Sniper Boat Cast models, which have been renewed in 2015, have been achieving admiration from many anglers because of the potential for accuracy and toughness.

To deal with presenting casting game to fish with diving pencil mainly, it have a sensitive and flexible tip section to manipulate lure at will, with potential of ability to  cast long distance. It has been designed to pull large and heavy fish up to surface by the spring force of the blank itself. This is considered a rod for off shore boat casting to catch large Blue Runner or Tuna. 

Model Pieces Type Length Line Lure Weight Rod Weight
65/3 2 pce Spin 6'5" PE3 60g 190g
70/2 2 pce Spin 7'0" PE2-3 26-60g 220g
70/3 2 pce Spin 7'0" PE3 60g 205g
70/4 2 pce Spin 7'0" PE4 70g 235g
75/4 2 pce Spin 7'5" PE3-4 30-100g 229g
77/3 2 pce Spin 7'7" PE2-3 25-60g 241g
79/3 2 pce Spin 7'9" PE2-4 30-70g 263g
80/5 2 pce Spin 8'0" PE5-6 40-120g 333g
81/2 2 pce Spin 8'1" PE2-3 15-50g 233g
81/6 Blacky 2 pce Spin 8'1" PE4-6 30-110g 378g
81/8 Blacky 2 pce Spin 8'1" PE6-8 45-120g 387g
81/10 Blacky 2 pce Spin 8'1" PE8-10 50-130g 399g
82/4 2 pce Spin 8'2" PE4-5 30-110g 310g
82/6 2 pce Spin 8'2" PE5-6 50-130g 346g
85/4 Canary 2 pce Spin 8'5" PE3-5 25-100g 339g



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