Yamaga Blanks Atlas


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Yamaga Blanks Atlas

The blank of the Yamaga Blanks Atlas is designed so that, the heavier the weight, the more smoothly it bends from the "Tip" to the "Belly".

It is great for small to medium size GTs, and is also suitable for beginners. As it is short in length, it allows the angler to handle it more delicately.

In addition, the original taper design has allowed good handling for swim-bait lures even with the short 7'6" length.

Once hooked-up, the weight smoothly transfers to the butt end of the rod, which eases the load on the angler.

Further, by maintaining the rod at the appropriate angle (90 degrees angle between the rod and line), the restoring force from the bottom end will be put into effect, resulting in its strong lifting ability.

The Yamaga Blanks Atlas can also be recommended to expert anglers targeting Blue-Fin and Yellow-Fin Tuna (100 pencil-bait popping), which end up in long fights.


Model Pieces Type Length Line Lure Weight Rod Weight
Atlas GT 76/6 2 pce Spin 7'6" PE6 160g 365g
Atlas GT 76/8 2 pce Spin 7'6" PE8 180g 365g



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