Xesta Slow Emotion Flap 350g

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Xesta Slow Emotion Flap 350g 

Xesta is a top end Japanese slow pitch jigging brand who produce high quality, very sort after specialist jigging equipment like slow pitch jigging products, micro jigging products, deep water jigging products. It is because of their dedication in this niche jigging area that they have produced some amazing products and the slow emotion flap jigs are no exception.

This jig has become one of the most sort after jigs for slow pitch jiggers but also can be used with conventional jigging rods with amazing results. The centre weighted teardrop shape allows the jig to suspend and flutter horizontally in the water column with the correct rod which is a big factor when targeting particular species that are holding in a tight zone. This could mean reef fish holding on the bottom like Dhufish, Baldchin Grouper, Nannygai and Red Emperor or it could mean a tight school of Kingfish or Amberjack mid water.

Either way the jig can be worked with lots of action in a very small variance of depth so thus keeping it longer in the face of your target species. It is highly recommended that a twin assist rig is used at either end so that the jig is perfectly balanced.

Xesta Slow Emotion Flap 350g features:
Length: 154mm
Weight: 350g


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