Vexed Craylord Meat 150g

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The Vexed Craylord Meat is a hybrid jig/bait made to fish a sneaky bait to target large bottom-dwelling fish.  You know what they say about big baits!  😉. 

We all love fishing jigs, but sometimes the fish are just shut down - this is where the Vexed Craylord Meat is in its element!

The Vexed Craylord Head has the most eye-catching paint designs and laced with high-intensity UV and glow.

Attached are 3 premium ultra-sharp hooks, tied onto strong assist cord, dressed with a super flashy squid skirt.

The 3 hooks are designed to hold a long fish strip bait or a whole squid, or octopus leg straight.  This helps the bait presentation glide to the bottom faster and better than a tradition 2 hook snell rig.

The Vexed Craylord Meat is perfect to use on a slow pitch PE1.5 - 3 outfit far more effectively than a traditional paternoster rig.  A must-have in the kit even for the most staunch jig/plastics fishermen!