Strategic Angler Frantic

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Strategic Angler Frantic

The Sardine is one of the world's most prolific (and popular) fish species. They are extremely important in the food chain because of their massive numbers and high caloric content. Sardines are rich in fats and oils which nourish a huge diversity of fish, invertebrates and mammals including humans. They congregate in massive numbers and when separated from their bait ball during an attack, they will swim as fast as they can exposing bright sides of silver and blue- a welcome sight to a hungry predator.

The Strategic Angler Frantic series was inspired through the body shapes of Sardines and Ballyhoo. The term frantic was appropriately chosen because it mimics the crazed action of a bait fish when chased by a predator.

From a slow to medium retrieve, this lure will consistently wobble side to side or dart away. Enticing fish to bite with an action like no other is what makes this the perfect lure for every fishing situation.

Strategic Angler Frantic features:
Orientation: Horizontal slow sinking or suspending (hook dependent)
Action: Alternating wobbling/swimming action with retrieve
Length: 8.25 inches (210 mm)
Weight: 85-95 grams
Retrieve speed: Medium to fast
Skill level: None

The Frantic Series Lures can be fished in many versatile ways.
Swimming - A medium retrieve will create a natural swimming action. It is important to keep the rod tip down to maximise the subsurface swim. No extra angler input needed. That's it!

A fast retrieve will make this lure vibrate frantically sub surface. The best action is achieved just before the lure starts to roll due to imbalance, so it is advisable to swim the lures prior to use. The faster you retrieve, the faster it vibrates in a frantic state. Pause in between fast cranks, you never know what just might hit it. Great technique for covering more ground or for fast ambush predators such as barracuda, king mackerel and bluefish.

Dive and Roll: Cast the lure. Give it a few seconds so that it orients itself in the water. With the rod tip down, pull the rod with one smooth sweep to the right (or left). Pause for a few seconds. Slowly point the rod to the direction of the lure while retrieving the line with a few cranks of the reel. Repeat. This action will entice a wary fish to strike because it mimics a stunned or dying fish. The sweeping motion will cause the lure to dive down and roll. The pause allows the lure to right itself with a horizontal buoyancy. This is its deadliest move.

Twitch and pause: Retrieving the lure with small rod twitches with an occasional pause will make it flutter like an injured or disoriented bait fish. The slight twitches of the rod during the retrieve gives the fish an erratic swimming action while the pause allows the lure to rest; a perfect opportunity to hook that trophy fish!

Belly/rear: Owner ST66, 2/0 trebles front and back
Belly/rear: Owner ST66, 3/0 treble and 5/0 to 8/0 single
Belly/rear: Owner ST66, 3/0 trebles front and back for a faster sinking response or for use in heavy current
Belly/rear: Owner ST66, 4/0 treble front and single 7/0 - 9/0 wide gap single for slow trolling up to 4 knots


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