SnapBait Triple Threat 205g

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Snapbait Triple Threats are the latest hybrid bait/jig lure on the market and have already accounted for many impressive catches.

These custom hydrodynamic heads have been designed for a perfect, nose first falling action.  The Snapbait Triple Threat heads and skirts are highly glow/lumo attracting fish from the depths.

Made with extra heavy duty 200lb assist cord and high quality BKK 6/0 hooks the Snapbait Triple Threats are designed to tangle with the toughest bottom species.

Team up with your favourite baits - favourites include whole octopus tentacles, whole small squid, strip baits of your favourite bait fish.

The Snapbait Triple Threats are the ultimate in targeting bottom species such as Pink Snapper, WA Dhufish, Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Rankin Cod, Spangled Emperor etc.


  • 205g Weight
  • Depth Recommendation - 40m-60m
  • 3 x 6/0 BKK Hooks (2 x J Hooks and 1 x Circle Hook)
  • Green Lumo Skirt and Glow Bead
  • 200lb Assist Cord
  • High UV / Glow Hydrodynamic Heads