Shimano Stella SWB

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Shimano Stella SWB

Lever drag performance in a spin reel the 'game' has changed forever! Big game fish have a knack of handing inferior reels back in pieces, so Shimano has made every effort to ensure that the new Shimano Stella SWB series are as tough, functional and battle-ready as can be.

The bigger the fish, the faster it swims, the higher it jumps, the more the Stellas like it. And no more does 'strength' have to equate to 'weight'. Consequently, we have the use of High Rigidity Aluminium in the body, which won't twist or warp, and keeps features like X-Ship, which through its precision-cut gears and increased bearing support increases cranking power.

An incredible 14 SA-RB bearings, a more rigid aluminium handle, and a one-piece aluminium shaft with stainless steel core help immeasurably in this regard, and provide more power under load. When you have a massive dogtooth, southern bluefin tuna, giant trevally or blue marlin hooked up and disappearing over the horizon or aiming for the bottom of the ocean, the X-Tough Drag, with increased washer size and Coil Wave Spring continues to deliver drag consistency at every setting and for the full duration of the fight.

The most extreme of fishing conditions and situations is where the Shimano Stella SWB demonstrates their thoroughbred lines. X-Shield and X-Protect gasket and rubber seals keep saltwater intrusion at bay, no matter how badly you the angler might be getting slammed! Casting heavy and high resistance lures like metal jigs, stick baits and poppers long distances with accuracy and efficiency has never been easier, thanks to a combination of X-Rigid rotor, SR one-piece titanium bail arm wire, as well as a SW Diamond Like Carbon bail roller to cut down heat build-up. The only reason why there are no better spin reels than the Shimano Stella SWB is because Shimano haven't invented them yet!

Model Ratio Bearings Weight Drag Capacity
4000XG 6.2:1 14+1 380g 11kg 4kg/219m
5000PG 4.6:1 14+1 435g 13kg 5kg/219m
5000HG 5.7:1 14+1 435g 13kg 5kg/219m
5000XG 6.2:1 14+1 435g 13kg 5kg/219m
6000PG 4.6:1 14+1 440g 13kg 5kg/242m
6000HG 5.7:1 14+1 440g 13kg 5kg/242m
8000PG 4.9:1 14+1 675g 28kg 7kg/215m
8000HG 5.6:1 14+1 675g 28kg 7kg/215m
10000PG 4.9:1 14+1 685g 25kg 9kg/201m
14000XG 6.2:1 14+1 690g 25kg 9kg/238m
18000HG 5.7:1 14+1 875g 25kg 14kg/256m
20000PG 4.4:1 14+1 885g 25kg 14kg/293m
30000 4.4:1 14+1 990g 20kg 18kg/338m


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