Seafloor Control Arc 170g

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Seafloor Control Arc 170g

The Seafloor Control Arc 170g is a semi-long jig. They work in high-pitch, slow-pitch, and long-fall settings. The years of field testing show that they work great in medium action tone for species like AJ, Yellowtail, Tuna, Samson Fish, Snapper and Mackerel. They also works great in very soft action tone for delicious but ever cautious deep sea fish like Dhufish, Break-sea and Bald-chin Groupers.

When you are on a free-drifting boat and have hard time staying vertical, you can count on this jig. It is designed to work in super deep water, in a lot of water influence. It works well really well in strong currents.

When given a strong lift, it’s got the shape that carries the momentum to slide far from side to side. Also when falling, the centre-balanced semi-long jig does a lot of flashing and spinning rotations, hence, it draws a lot of attentions.


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