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The brand new Temple Reef Levitate rods are designed to be the ultimate in slow jigging weapons

Aside from being stunning to look at, these rods feature an action designed to impart maximum life to the jig, making the most out of any jig you tie to them. 

Levitate was designed to give you a stronger and faster "bouncy" butt section with the power to work heavy jigs ~ with less effort as well as better control on fishes.

Still the tip of the Levitate series is so sensitive, you can feel the fish "looking" at your jig and are able to set the hook at the lightest touch.

  • -Fuji SiC Guides
  • -Length 6'8"
  • -EVA grips
  • -Iridescent Skin
  • -Matte Black Fuji reel seat
  • -2pcs Butt Joint

Travel Efficient 

  • At an overall length of 6ft 8inches(203cm). Rod enables anglers to travel and fish overseas with a lesser issue on luggage limits.

Features & Specs

  • Length 6’8″
  • EVA grips
  • Iridescent Skin
  • Matte Black Fuji reel seat
  • 2pcs Butt Joint
  • 68-1 –  Jig Weight 100-300g (rod weight 145g)
  • 68-2 –  Jig Weight 150-400g (rod weight 148g)
  • 68-3 –  Jig Weight 200-500g (rod weight 149g)
  • 68-4 -   Jig Weight 500 -700g (rod weight TBD)