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Ripplefisher’s jigging rod series, the “Selfish” will be renewed as of 2020.

There will be 3 spinning models and 2 bait-casting models, each developed with their own new concepts.
The already existing 613S, 614S and 597S models are for the vertical jigging game and the 3 new models will specialize in a natural swimming (NS) diagonal jigging.
The 2 new bait models are categorized as sensitive bait (SEB) models.
These added models are developed to keep up with the demands from the ever changing jigging scene.
To slide the jig, swim the jig, naturally maneuver the jig to induce that “bite”.
All models have the inherited the characteristics of the Selfish series with the slim, light and sharp feeling able to cut through the current, yet possessing a contradicting powerful butt section.

The NS (natural swim) type
- NS632, NS623, NS614
A series especially designed to naturally maneuver the jig by eliminating any unnecessary flicking and jumping of the jig. The versatile multi purpose models are able to induce bites in selective situations, various sea conditions and areas.

The SEB (natural swim) type
- SEB633, SEB624
These are highly responsive bait models able to easily maneuver jigs simply or technically with various jerking methods. Anglers will be able to easily vary the tempo and speed of jerks capitalizing on the advantages of the bait tackle set up.

The S (standard&specialized) type
- 613S, 614S, 597S
This is a model able to easily control the jigs and quickly switch your jerking patterns from high pitch, one pitch, short to long jerks mainly from boats which are controlled for vertical jigging. It is a highly sensitive model able to transmit the slightest of change even at high speed jerks.

SELFISH 655S Nano (Shallow Model) :DISCONTINUED in 2020

655S which got more power than 654S have been given faster lifting speed while maintaining a tenacious bend. If you are going to aim kingfish or great amberjack over 10kg, this 655S Nano is recommended. This have been designed for horizontal jerking so the action of the jig will be more toned down and is ideal for anglers to maintain the line tension while maneuvering the jig horizontally. Of course you can jerk jig vertically when you try not to move jig too much. The potential of 655S Nano will be derive depend how you fish with it.

  • Length - 6'5"
  • Jig Comfort Weight - 100 - 180g
  • Line - PE4
  • Action - Regular Fast
  • Specification -  SiC-S Titanium frame K Guide(Fuji)/ NANOALLOY® technology blank
  • Target - Kingfish


This is a technical model for anglers to utilize small jigs weighing between 80g~130g with PE#2 for those spooked targets or high pressure fields.
The light maneuverability and its honed sensitivity will transmit the signal for the bite and allow the angler to efficiently control the jig.
Although it is equipped with a quick handling feel, the blank is designed to bend a little when jerking the jig reducing unwanted bouncing and the loss of tension, allowing for a natural action of your jig.
Even with the PE#2 class specs, the rod possesses ample butt power not only for local waters but also for trips targeting larger species.
The natural action of your lure induced by the light class rod is an ideal selection for the Kingfish suspending in the mid range during the high pressure spring seasons.


This is a model developed with the focus on its ability to intrigue your target by the natural action of the jig.
It is designed to reduce your jig from bouncing about to perform a more natural appeal.
While retaining the manual operational feel, anglers will be able to maintain the balance of the jig during its swimming action vital for inducing the bite.
The responsive blank will allow anglers to easily switch the jerking pattern from the swimming type jerks using the tip section to those sliding type jerks which use the rebounding of the belly section.
You could say that this would be your multi purpose model for local waters, able to smoothly adjust to tough field conditions.
The butt section is tenacious and will allow anglers to go head to head with 10kg+ yellowtails (Buri) or 7~8kg Kingfish.


The NS614 is a technical model designed for fishing in shallow waters between 20~40m in depth, targeting the selective adult kingfish.
It is a highly sensitive model, with a flexible tip section while having a stiff belly section to feel for the action of the jig in the water.
Anglers will be able to slide and control the jig by efficiently responding to the ever changing sea conditions, and control the thrashing of the monstrous kingfish with the grip-end under your armpits.
It is also suitable to under-cast your lure to search a wider area and will respond quickly to those situations where the current is flowing towards you.
This piece possesses numerous traits required for jigging in shallow waters.

SELFISH 614S Nano (Standard Model)

This 614S Nano have been sharpened 613S to give more not only power and stiffness but also sensitivity and operability. Whole blank bend very well to absorb the impact of blue runner while applying enough pressure on fish. You will be able to keep big yellow tail over 10kg, amberjack or kingfish around 7~8kg under control with 614S Nano.