Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed Final Stand Up 100 SXH

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For anglers who like the challenge of fishing from rocks or piers, this is the perfect rod when going after monsters such as GT, Dogtooth tuna, Amberjacks, Kingfish etc. Proper balance is essential and fishes often take advantage to bust your line should you fail to maintain tension on the line. This rod is good qualities of balance, bending and taper to maintain the lifting position. 

RunnerExceed FINAL STAND UP 100SXH

We created this rod for beginners but is will also satisfy the experts due to its ability of casting large lures ranging from 80gm – 150gm. With careful guide settings, it can handle long leaders. A carefully placed grip ensures a nice bend when loaded.

  • Target - GTs and Large Kingfish
  • Field Condition - Piers, Landbased, Rocky Shoreline
  • Length - 10ft
  • Lure Max - 160g
  • Line - PE10 MAX
  • Action - Regular
  • Reel Size - Shimano 14000 - 20000, Daiwa 5500 - 6500