Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge Series - Flex GT 77 Nano

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Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge Series


This unified OceanRidge series comprise of GT rods packed with Ripple Fisher’s pride and joy. The lineup has been designed with the most brutal fishing conditions in mind. Although these rods are not for the fainthearted, we are positive that the rods will become a part of your arsenal for those skilled enough to recognize their strengths and style of fishing. All six models in the OceanRidge series are especially designed to target large GTs which inhabit the waters in various parts of the world. We have not classified the rods depending on power, but have carefully selected and developed the lineup depending on the unique characteristics of the rods. All blanks in the series have been built with the use of the NANOALLOY® technology” developed by Toray industries, Inc. and have gone through countless hours of testing in the field. 
We are proud to present the series for those anglers who seek to master the GT game further and for those who are willing to challenge the limits.


Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge Flex GT 77 Nano


This model was developed with the countless requests from international anglers who fish from smaller charter boats. With its short length and hard tip section, anglers will be able to enjoy manoeuvring the large mouthed poppers to induce that bite. It goes without saying that the short length rod is also useful when fishing from the central section or stern of the small to medium size boats with the use of various types of lures including poppers/diving poppers, medium to large size pencil poppers and other diving pencils which require a more manual reeling type action. This short length also helps to cast out large lures with the repulsive force of the blank while holding up to massive loads during the fight. To give you an idea of the rod power, it is classed between the Reversal 80 and the Powerfight 711.

 Model Length Weight Lure Weight Line Rating
GT 77 FLEX 7'7" 376g 200g PE8


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