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Ripple Fisher Aquila


The Aquila series are the rods to support your boat casting game for Bonito’s, Dorado’s to various blue runner species, in addition to the large Kingfish, Yellow-tail Tuna’s and Blue-fin Tuna’s. 

The possibilities of the boat game are forever increasing in diversity, allowing anglers to lure out targets to the surface previously never attempted. With the evolving lures/lines on the market and the increasing size of the targets becoming more and more selective, the expectations towards the ability of the rods are also advancing. 

The blanks of the Aquila series have been developed with the combining capabilities of lightness, castability and outstanding butt power. Without total balance of your tackle, we believe that it will not be possible to capitalize on the very rare chance of a big hit presented to you in the boat game. 

In 2017, we have added 2 specialized models to target Kingfish exceeding 20kg, the 85H+Monster and 711HH+Monster. Furthermore, we have also categorized and renewed the labeling of the power class of the line-up for easier distinctions between the various models. The four types include the “Basic”, “Sensitive”, “Extreme” and “Monster”.


The Aquila ST series are models which have had all the standard yet important factors for the casting game fused together at a high dimension. Specifically, the standard performances of casting, lure maneuverability, hooking up the fish and fighting. They have a sharp feeling and once the rods are loaded with the fish, the bending curve will gradually transfer towards the angler, allowing for a steady fight utilizing the butt power to maintain the initiative of the fight. We have prepared 3 power classes of PE #3, #4 and #6 to cater for various species and situations.

The Aquila MLT series were developed for situations where your targets are feeding on super small baitfish (white bait) and require anglers to utilize lighter tackle or for situations where the fish are highly sensitive towards fishing vessels and require anglers to cast long distances. You can say that we had to fuse together contradicting features of casting and controlling light lures while possessing the power for large species and maintaining the initiative of massive fish during the fight. It is a new generation of rods designed to catch large species with light tackle, requiring anglers to maximize the strength of the line. This line-up of rods compliments the compilation of models produced for our off-shore series.
*The 2/4 notation on the rod means the tip section is a PE2 class while the butt section is PE4 max. (3/6 means the tip is a PE3 class while the butt is a PE6 class)

The Aquila MST series have been designed for those anglers with their sights on monstrous Kingies. The main purpose of these rods are to enable anglers to go head to head with supersize fish with the use of strong PE7~8 class line and large lures for situations when the targets are feeding on large bait fish like, dorados, needle fish, flying fish etc. 
These rods are not just a stiff stick with power. On the contrary, in order to deal with sudden dives of the Kingfish, they have been designed with the bending point to transfer towards the angler as more load is applied to the blank. It is a user-friendly rod for any angler to use as you can load your weight on the rod by bending your knees during the fight.
The + symbol next to the power class indicates that the power and tenacity has been added to the usual power class.

The Aquila EX series are the ultimate 3-piece expedition pack rod without compromises. Today, anglers are flying around the world to target their dream species and the farther you go, the more limitations there are regarding your luggage. Through countless trial and error, the Aquila EX series have now come to shape and ready to travel with you wherever you go. We have prepared a PE3 and PE6 class models for use with a vast range of lures with a super sharp feel to it. Although they are 3 piece models, it possesses a sharp feel to it and anglers will be able to bend and load the butt section of the rod to stop the monstrous targets. We are confident that these models will help you catch those rare species at the most remote areas around the world.

Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
7ft 8in (Closed Length:1780mm) 224g 2pcs / Grip-Joint ComfortWeight ※30~50g MAX PE 3 Regular


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