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The Luvito 256C, is a reel of Megabass by the couple in recovery elevated and equipped with a body lightweight and compact.

The challenge for Megabass was just right in creating an small but extremely powerful reel, a reel of elevated strength of the new generation The feeling of lightness of the Luvito 256C is combined with a high level of robustness and practicality.

This reel is surprisingly lightweight and made ​​with a flexural stiffness phenomenal, just think that the body consists of of carbon composite, Furthermore has an drag control instant fantastic, simply enter the load desired nominal and you're done.

The Luvito 256C has exceptional resistance performance, this will allow you defy the big fish, including the "monsters" without any fear, moreover, also the spool is built with metal high rigidity, we remember that this is a peculiarity of Megabass in their "spool"

Should also be noted that the arm of coupling was made with a cutting system of the metal particular and innovative in order to ensure greater rigidity, this any case provides for a transmission of excellent sensitivity during use.

Recall that addition to the unit rotating, the whole body of Luvito 256C was edited, in fact, the desire to Megabass was to give maximum rigidity and at the same time huge lightness, so it was, a particular attention has been given precisely to the rotating parts that with the centrifugal effect could increase the weight lose their own balancing inertial and axial

What can we say again, that this is a great spinning reel, it is to for technology, development, enjoyment and why not, beauty !!!

Weight: 213g

Line Capacity: 5lb./140m 6lb./100m

Bearings: 9BB 1RB

Gear ratio: 4.8: 1

Round handle: 71cm

Drag max: 3.0kg