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For many, the Daiwa Morethan fishing reel formally known as Morethan Branzino is the most beautiful spinning reel ever to grace the market. One could be forgiven for purchasing this master piece only to mount it on a pedestal, adding ambient back lighting and an engraved brass name plate. If reels could talk, and many kind of do, they would say, in my next life, I want to be a Daiwa Morethan. Daiwa created the Bugatti of Spinning reels. It is the Rolex, the Lear Jet of the enduring threadline classic. The Daiwa Morethan reel is completely at home in the halls of a contemporary art gallery and, equally befitting of a dashboard in a spacecraft. Calling the Daiwa Morethan an eggbeater is something akin to calling a Stonefish pretty. Enough said.

The Daiwa Morethan fishing reel is of course so much more than pure aesthetics. Clearly the design brief was all about putting the best of the best technology and innovation available into one reel. Thoughts of reigning in the upper limits of the ultimate cost of the product was unashamedly not a consideration. With all products, there is a pinnacle, the very top of the pyramid. The Morethan is definitely holds this crown when it comes to spinning reels, and the list of inclusions is superlative.

Once you digest the technical pedigree of the Daiwa Morethan reel, any thoughts of keeping it as a reel to look at only, will quickly fade. The Morethan demands to be fished as a Ferrari demands to be driven. The sizes of the Morethan see it fit perfectly to rivers, bay and estuary applications. Although compact, it will indeed handle the larger, more belligerent species that frequent such haunts. The Barra anglers can consider themselves well-armed indeed.

Unrivalled in its class, the Daiwa Morethan comes at a premium. The Morethan is for the discerning angler, appreciative of the subtleties of finesse and inspired by an unrelenting pursuit for the purest embodiment of precision reel engineering.

Features and Specifications

  • Rotor, line roller and main gear are sealed with Daiwas mag seal.
  • Slick Air rotor – Zaion
  • Morethan spool made of hybrid carbon
  • Metal body fishing reel
  • Cross wrap line lay with twist buster II
  • Hyper digital gearing with silent oscillation technology
  • Strong air bail
  • Aluminium Handle
  • Tournament style ULT drag system
  • 12+1 Ball Bearing System

Model 3500

  • Gear Ratio: 4.9:1
  • Drag: 8kg
  • Approx Reel Weight: 435 grams
  • Spool capacity: PE 2/300m (approx 20lb braid) , PE2.5/250m (approx 25lb braid)