Oceans Legacy Slow Element Spin

Brand: Oceans Legacy

Product Code: OLELSJS62ML

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Oceans Legacy slow Element are ultra versatile slow pitch jigging rods. The blanks on these model are ultra powerful to even stop Yellow Tail Kings. Available in spin and overhead these models have been extremely popular with our testers and foreign markets to stop BIG GAME fish on slow pitch gear. The element range comes with a spiral guide concept to minimise line touching the blank and also providing minimal tip wrap for jigging.


Model Type Length PE Rating Jig Weight Pcs Reel Seat Guide Concept
ELSJ-S621ML Spin 6'2" PE 2.0 Max 80g - 200g 1 Fuji DPS 18 K SIC ring
ELSJ-S621M Spin 6'2" PE 3.0 Max 120g - 300g 1 Fuji DPS 18 K SIC ring
ELSJ-S621MH Spin 6'2" PE 4.0 Max 160g - 400g 1 Fuji DPS 18 K SIC ring