Nomad Madscad 150

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Nomad Madscad 150

The Nomad Madscad 150 is fitted with 2x #5/0 BKK inline singles and heavy duty rings for the ultimate in strength. Styled on the typical deep bellied baitfish that are so prevalent all over the globe. The Madscad has been designed to be effective in all environments, in a range of sizes for a huge variety of species.This design has been refined over years of testing and many prototypes to get the perfectly balanced lure. The key design features like the flattened top of the head, to the scalloped sides and small tail wings all combine to make the action on this lure truly dynamic.

The Madscad shows its diverse ability with all 150 and 190 sizes able to be trolled, and the 190deep trolling at over 12kn makes it a super enticing wahoo or tuna lure. The Madscad sinks level, and has a wiggling action when sinking to allow the sides to give off flash and look more like a wounded baitfish. It has an erratic swimming action when twitched, producing a pronounced thumping side to side darting action. You can employ a faster straight retrieve as well, but either the faster retrieve or the slow twitch will entice strikes. The recommended retrieve when casting is a couple of quick twitches and then a 2-3 second pause to let the lure slowly sink and wiggle and then twitch it again.

Whether it is GTs, Kingfish, tuna or mackerel when casting, or trolling for wahoo, tuna, marlin or sailfish, the Nomad Madscad 150 can do it all. The all-round trolling and casting ability makes these sizes a must have for any serious bluewater fishing trip.

Built with HD ABS plastic and machine stamped metal plate, fitted with super strong split rings and BKK inline single hooks, the Nomad Madscad 150 is ready for any challenge. The Madscad can be fished straight out of the box with total confidence.

Nomad Madscad 150 features:
Length: 150mm
Weight: 75g
Action: Sinking Stickbait
Troll Speed: 9 Knots (1-3m depth)


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