Nomad Chug Norris 50mm

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Nomad Chug Norris 50

The Nomad Chug Norris 50 packs a big pop for its size. It can be worked fast, slow or twitched to get the desired action. A unique feature of the Nomad Chug Norris 50 popper is the Walk-The-Dog action when it is subtly twitched.

Many small poppers can be hard to use or just don't pop correctly. The Nomad Chug Norris 50 will amaze with how easy it is to work and how much action the large pops generate, or just from a very small subtle bubble when chasing Bream or Bass on a glass calm river. No matter the species, the Nomad Chug Norris 50 is the ideal small popper. It is fitted with the ultimate BKK Super Slide trebles and has been designed, tested and certified in Australia, guaranteed to perform flawlessly for its particular application. The colours are super detailed and is matched with industry leading technology to make the Nomad Chug Norris 50 a popper you can't do without.

Nomad Chug Norris 50 features:
Length: 50mm
Weight: 3.8g
Action: Floating Popper


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