Nomad Atlas Crank Floating 38mm

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Nomad Atlas Deep Crank 38

The Nomad Atlas Deep Crank 38 was designed to go super deep and be super small. The Maximum depth with minimum size, matched with and awesome wiggle and body roll was the objective. Positioning the towpoint in the perfect location, Nomad has achieved a super small lure that will diver to over 3 meters when trolled and still get down over 2.5m when casting. The action is a super aggressive wiggle created by the large bib and the flat part of the head that, together, give the extra action and depth. The Nomad Atlas Deep Crank 38 gets down to where the fish are and is perfectly balanced with internal weights, helping it to cast like nothing else.

The Nomad Atlas Deep Crank 38 is fitted with the ultimate BKK Super Slide Trebles and comes from decades of experience on the water, being designed, tested and certified in Australia. The super detailed colours create a lifelike appeal which has come from many hours spent by the designer hand-drawing each colour.

Nomad Atlas Deep Crank 38 features:
Length: 38mm
Weight: 4.5g
Action: Diving Crankbait (Floating)


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