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Nitro Surf Rods

Nitro Surf Rods are changing the way Australians think about long rods - no more heavy poles with fat butts - just lightweight rods that are comfortable in the hands and offer long, smooth casts with plenty of fighting power.

Nitro Sniper
The Nitro Sniper 3pc was designed due to customer feedback based on the length of the old 2 pce model not suiting those anglers with small sedan cars. Nitro take customers feedback seriously and therefore designed a new blank in 3pc configuration for those smaller sedans. Now measuring 1120mm in broken down length versus the 2pc length of 1655mm you can store this popular rod in the car boot. 

For too long the focus within the Australian surf and rock market has been on big clunky rods with heavy lines designed to cast monster sinkers to anchor your bait in the current; not much fun in that. Not so the Nitro Sniper, a light and snappy caster designed for six to 12lb line this rod is aimed at those of us that love the surf and rock environment and want to enjoy the species that abound there. An IM8 graphite blank fitted with FUJI Alconite guides, makes for one of the lightest, user friendly surf rods you’ll ever feel. At ten and a half feet long this three piece rod is easy to transport. From bream, luderick, whiting, flathead and salmon right through to tailor and dart, why not start enjoying your surf and rock fishing. Light enough to hold all day, even for female, junior and elderly anglers, the Sniper allows you to be more mobile on the beach, walking from gutter to gutter prospecting as you go until you find feeding fish. Fishing with light bait and a small sinker or even a tiny metal casting lure, this rod will totally change the way you view fishing from ocean rocks and beaches………enjoy.

Nitro Rockstar
The Nitro Rockstar has been developed to cater for those anglers that seek the challenges of landing game species from rock platforms around Australia’s coast lines. This fishing rod is designed for casting large metal lures on high speed thread line reels loaded with braided fishing line ranging from 10 thru 20kg range. Designed utilising our Class A High Impact defence grade graphite. Components feature FUJI Alconite guides and reel seat. This fishing rod oozes quality and durability for the harsh environments of land based angling. The rear grip is full length EVA to protect the blank from those times the rod butt is wedged between cracks when re-rigging etc. Casting metals at bonito, long tail tuna, spanish mackerel, kingfish etc will be a pleasure for those long sessions of casting due to the rods weight being only 445grams. When the fatigue of casting metals sets in, do not hesitate in attaching a balloon and life bait while having a break, the ROCKSTAR just loves being on the platforms regardless of its use.

Please ensure that safety is your number one priority and always wear a life jacket or at the least have a life saving ring for those freak waves which often catch land based anglers off guard.

Nitro Surf Assassin
Not all surf fishing situation require a heavy sinker rig and an out-of-sight cast. In fact most of the time successful surf-fishing involves correctly reading the gutter formations that attract predatory species in search of their prey. When you’ve got that worked out, you need a rod that can handle the fast and furious action that’s likely to take place. Double-hookups of salmon and tailor are no problem for the ‘Assassin’. Designed for the active beach angler, the Assassin’s light weight – only 375grams – means that holding the rod all day while unhooking fish and re-baiting becomes a breeze; enabling you to make the most of the action. Built from Class A High Impact Defence Grade Japanese made graphite and fitted out with Fuji BHVLG guides, the Assassin is an amazing casting tool that has the power to tackle a wide range of species.

Nitro Messiah Spin
A lot of anglers find holding a beach rod for a full session a tiring experience. And fair enough too. The only rods out there are heavy – made of fiberglass and, let’s face it, a bit out of date when you look at the tackle advancements made in other areas. Well we decided to address that problem and came up with the Nitro Messiahs. These 13’ 3pc Aerospace High Grade Graghite rods are light enough to hold for hours on end - even for the very young and very old among us - yet have the power to cast weights right up to 4oz and handle line to 30lb. You'll need to see 'em to believe 'em and before you know it you'll be converted.

Nitro Frankenstein
The latest addition to the Nitro surf rod range the Frankenstein extends the performance standards set by the Messiah surf rods. Designed for extreme surf conditions and big fish, yet the Frankenstein is light in the hand, belying the power that’s packed into its 15’ of high-performance, high impact-resistant 3-piece carbon fibre shaft. Need to punch out a heavy bait rig over wild surf into a distance gutter or maybe subdue a giant mulloway in the dead-of-night? The Frankenstein will do it all. And its extra 2’ of length will help keep the line clear of the breaking surf and so minimise the effects of side-drag that can pull your rig out of the strike zone.

To ensure Nitro owners are not disadvantaged by rod breakage, the Innovator-Nitro replacement policy provides for the replacement of a broken rod section through the payment of an insurance fee, based on the category of Nitro rod involved, all the Nitro Surf Rods have a $79 fee for a replacement section.


Pieces Type Length Line Lure
Sniper 3 pce Spin 10'6" 3-6kg 9-40g
Rockstar 2 pce Spin 10'0" 10-20kg 57-114g
Surf Assassin 3 pce Spin 12'0" 4-10kg 21-84g
Messiah Spin 3 pce Spin 13'0" 8-15kg 28-110g
Frankenstein 3 pce Spin 15'0" 8-15kg 28-142g



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