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Nitro Spin Rods

With models for everything from bream to bluewater, there is a Nitro Spin rod to suit your needs. Designed for Australian conditions by experienced Aussie anglers, these rods are a delight to fish. 

Nitro Vapor UL
The design criteria for this award winning series of rods are based around tournament angling and as the name implies, Vapor rods are not just light – they’re ultra-light! These ultra-responsive, ultra-sensitive rods are the lightest in the Nitro arsenal, weighing in at just 65 and 78 grams for the 6’ and 7’ models respectively. By employing the Innovator Comfort Skeletal Cork Grip System - designed to minimise hand fatigue during intense bouts of tournament fishing – and by utilising Fuji’s super-light Titanium-frame SiC guides, Nitro Vapor rods provide that indefinable “feel” that enables the angler to sense every nuance of a lure’s action, yet Vapors still retain the butt authority that’s become the hallmark of Nitro rods. If you’re planning on joining the bream or bass tournament circuits or simply want to explore light-line, micro-lure fishing tactics for bream, bass or estuary perch, Vapor rods will give you the touch of a safe-cracker! All Nitro Vapor UL rods come with embroidered rod tubes and bags.

*Note - Nitro Magnum Butt Distance Spin and Nitro Viper rods come in either a "Split Butt" "Tennesse" design, or a full-length rear cork "Full Butt" grip.

Model Pieces Type Length Line Lure
Vapor UL 60 (Ti SiC) 2 pce Spin 6'0" 1-2kg 1-7g
Vapor UL 70 (Ti SiC) 2 pce Spin 7'0" 1-3kg 1-9g
Vapor VL 66 (Alconite) 2 pce Spin 6'6" 1-2kg 1-7g
Vapor VL 70 (Alconite) 2 pce Spin 7'0" 3-5kg 1-9g
Custom Squid 2 pce Spin 7'6" 2-4kg #1.8-4.0
Ultrabream Finesse 2 pce Spin 6'6" 1-2kg 1-7g
Voodoo 2 pce Spin 6'6" 3-5kg 10-28g
Powerbream Finesse 2 pce Spin 7'0" 1-3kg 1-7g
Distance Spin 2 pce Spin 7'6" 2-4kg 1-14g
Magnum Butt Distance Spin* 2 pce Spin 7'6" 4-6kg 9-40g
Baby Viper 2 pce Spin 7'0" 3-6kg 9-40g
Viper* 2 pce Spin 7'0" 6-8kg 9-56g
Godzilla Spin 2 pce Spin 7'0" 10-15kg 20-84g
Kamikaze Big Game 2 pce Spin 6'0" 15kg 57-368g
Widow Maker Big Game 2 pce Spin 6'0" 24kg 110-624g


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