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Nitro Jig Rods

Nitro Extractor
Designed in Western Australia, The Nitro Extractor does exactly as its name suggests, extract big fish from their lairs. Brutal pelagics such as Dogtooth tuna may stretch the arms of men and tear apart high quality reel drags but there is no doubting that the Extractor is up for the challenge. 30kg of Max drag is sure enough hurt to put on the toughest of species and if your strong enough to hold onto it, you’ll be sure to put more XOS fish in your boat.

Nitro Hell Raiser
Deep water jigging is not for the faint of heart, but Nitro have made it much more comfortable. The Nitro Hell Raiser PE3-6 is the perfect jigging rod for all occasions. Capable of jigging 70-350g jig weights, it is the ideal all-round jigging rod. If your heading off to Swains Reef, The Montebello Islands or just jigging in your own local waters, then this rod is for you.

Nitro Hustler (Overhead and Spin)
Micro jigging is all the rage for light tackle sports anglers in today’s era of fishing. Light tackle fishing is a lot more enjoyable, especially when you’re holding onto a bent rod and screaming reel. The Nitro Hustler, available in both Spin and Overhead models has been designed to make light tackle much more comfortable. PE 1.5-3 and a 21kg Max Drag rating you can certainly tackle big fish on light gear with these rods.

Nitro King Hit
When it comes to jigging, the Nitro King Hit is a rod that packs a punch. If you're working the edge of the reef for a big Kingfish or Samson, the King Hit will hit them where it hurts. With a Max Drag of 38kg, there is not a fish in the ocean this rod can’t stop in its tracks.

Model Length Type Pieces Line Lure
Extractor 6'1" Spin 2pc PE3-6 -
Hell Raiser 5'2" O/H 2pc PE3-6 70-350g
Hustler Overhead 6'0" O/H 2pc PE1.5-3 -
Hustler Spin 6'0" Spin 2pc PE1.5-3 -
King Hit 6'0" O/H 2pc PE4-8 -



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