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Nitro Baitcast Rods

Light lures need to be delivered quickly and accurately over a range of distances and then cope with large, angry fish in tight situations - a big ask with any existing rod. Nitro baitcasting rods do this and more - try one and feel the difference.

Nitro Upgrader Undertaker
The Nitro Undertaker Classic Barra, a long-time favourite with barra and cod anglers around the Country and a workhorse rod for pro guides and charter boat operators, has now been produced as an Upgrader model. The heart of the Undertaker - its superb castability and reserve power – the features that have popularised it with impoundment barra anglers, have been retained, while Nitro have enhanced its outstanding performance by adding a few refinements. Take for example Fuji’s BLDBAG anti-fouling, ultra-light sloped Alconite guides which we’ve fitted to the tip section, matched with a Fuji BMNAT anti-fouling Alconite tip guide. This set-up minimises tangles and break-offs by allowing braided line to slip-over the guides. We’ve added a split Tennessee grip for greater comfort and weight reduction and matched this with an eye-pleasing Nitro branded gloss real seat. Purple trim on the rod bindings and purple bromides for the Nitro emblem gives the Undertaker Upgrader that distinctive, understated classic look. And finally an embroidered Cordura protective carry case completes the package.

Want to cast spinner baits all day at impoundment Bass? How about 6” stickbaits around the markers for Kingfish? Or “walking the dog” for Barra in the tropical north? Well this is the baitcasting rod for you. A quick responsive feel keeps you in touch with your lure through the retrieve while the extra length of this 6’6” rod gives you the reach to impart the perfect “wounded minnow” action when stickbaiting pelagics. Oh yeah, and there’s all the grunt you’ll need for steering big impoundment Bass from the timber, a rampaging Kingfish from a barnacle encrusted buoy or a hell bound Barra from winding you through the mangroves.

Undertaker Classic Barra
The Undertaker takes Barra and Cod fishing to new heights. The extra length of this rod helps add distance to your cast whilst maintaining accuracy and gives you plenty of reach in those few heart pounding seconds close to the boat where a lot of trophy fish are lost. The action of the Undertaker has been developed to absorb the shock that modern low-stretch braided lines expose terminals like hooks to when trophy fish lunge on a short leash. While in the past this often resulted in pulled hooks, a lost fish and an unhappy angler; with the Undertaker it will result in more fishy photos on the wall.

Godzilla Overhead
A powerhouse in the Nitro range, the Godzilla series are serious rods for serious fish. Built with tips capable of casting an unweighted Pilchard or Garfish with the bottom end grunt to handle dirty fighters like GT’s and Kingfish. Ideal for everything from chucking poppers over the reef to soaking baits for Jews, these rods are a true heavy all-rounder. With their two piece construction these are the perfect heavy duty rods for the space conscious or travelling angler among us.

In the Gulfstream, Nitro has packed more versatility than you would expect in any one rod – and what a rod! Your average jigging rods with their short lengths are too limited in scope for any other work but, the Gulfstream has jigged up an impressive array of species: samsonsfish, amberjacks and kingies, while ready to switch roles to trolling up yellowfin, southern blues and sailfish. Need to handle some heavy lead in strong tidal waters such as when fishing for gummies in Westernport? Or how about tackling mako’s out in Bass Straight? Just like its name-sake, that powerful ocean current, the Gulfstream has the power and versatility to do many things - exceptionally well.
* Recommended max drag pressure 8kg.


Model Pieces Type Length Line Lure
Upgrader Undertaker 2 pce Baitcast 6'6" 4-6kg 11-28g
Crankbait 2 pce Baitcast 6'6" 2-4kg 7-21g
Undertaker Classic Barra 2 pce Baitcast 6'6" 4-6kg 11-28g
Godzilla Overhead 2 pce Overhead 7'0" 10-15kg 28-84g
Gulfstream 2 pce Overhead 6'0" PE3-5 98-300g



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