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As its name suggests, to exhibit the evil spirit that would attract everything, super compact reel, was unveiled at last.

Gauss, has been developed to demonstrate the small body high power to overturn the toughness that I can not imagine a reference to this, as a spinning machine of the new generation from the appearance of a compact appearance.

It is equipped with the compact body, to obtain a high reputation in the LIN258HM the "magnetic fluid shield system".

Not only keep clean precious gear unit inside, for real non-contact, rotor body and long-lasting silky rotation performance. Is reputed to be the lightness of a feather "X-GRAPHITE COMPSITEROTER" and, at the same time raise much rotation in response spinning reel, also contribute to the sensitivity sensing.

Further, in order to suppress the deformation of the rotor in high-power game, was developed to disperse the entire rotor loads due to fight big fish.

The "high density carbon composite body" includes not only realized the terrible lightness, rigidity is sublimated into levels above magnesium finally.

In dogfight with the monster fish, because there is no deflection of the body, and rotation performance silky between gears are engaged correctly, performance is maintained to ensure the winding full torque they produce together.

Over-spec reel to overturn the standards of spinning reel ever, is GAUS, all will open the door to a new era finally spinning.

Gauss 30X is a model that including sea bass game, to adjust to the Salt game active.

And overwhelming high-rigidity body was worn by Gauss, silky feel drive to launch a thick torque instantly I handle comfortably big game fish.

Megabus of its own "ultra-light carbon-hybrid spool", reducing it to distribute the high load and deflection of the spool to bring a great deal of load on the thick line.

Tough machine cut handle magnetic fluid system, of 55mm, for the control and started off smooth calculated precisely, there is no Kiri M drag system that has been thoroughly pursued, After counting ... etc. high power gear system, spinning reel by latest technology Gauss armed, high-power games of a new dimension in is embodied at last.

Comfortable performance what you have you use it once, it is not part will the magic story of Gaus.

Weight:                   265g

Line capacity:         10lb/195m - 12il/150m

Bearings:                6BB/1RB

Gear Ratio:             4.7:1

Line/Handle Turn:  79cm

Drag Max:              7,0kg