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"High Metal Honeycomb Spool", you may notice what he is capable this fantastic reel also from the image of presentation, where, paired with a gorgeous Silver Shadow XX capture that fantastic prey !!!

This reel embodies the best in terms of construction for sturdiness and lightness, made possible with the original manufacturing process of metal sculpted by Megabass, but not only !!!

In fact,, this amazing spinning reel as well as extensive use of high-strength metal alloys, employs in his mounting parts in carbon and magnesium, this is to exponentially increase its resistance, eliminate any twisting and reduce the weight considerably.

The Gaus 20X, is tenacity, that never you might imagine observing its compact appearance, this wonderful reel is able to exercise such a small body an high-power, capable of subvert the standards of the past, developed as a new generation for the spinning.

Moreover, given the high reputation and the success of the LIN258HM, also Gaus 20X mounts the "shield system magnetic fluid".

With the development and evolution of the "Magnetic Fluid System Shield", it creates a perfect reel for a ideal winding of the wire in the recovery phase.

The fetched power developed by micro body super lightweight has the characteristics extreme required to combat fishes record with a final approach super sensible.

The crank handle perpendicular from 45 mm. he excels at maintain a constant and continuous high-speed of recovery, with only a slight movement of the wrist.

This little gem shows a great ease of use for both the technical finesse rigs with both the light plugging.

Weight:               210g

Capacity line:     3lb - 140m / 4lb - 100m

Bearings:            6BB - 1RB

Gear ratio:          4.8: 1

Handle turn:       63cm

Drag Max:          2,0kg