Megabass Cutter 115

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Produced by Masanori Muraoka, The cutter 115 is a super shallow bait that synchronizes with a baitfish with a slender silhouette such as a cray while a cutter 90 specialized for the bee-hole pattern is synchronized. The "V-head", a series of cutters designed to cut water, efficiently "escapes" the water flow, causing the body to rise rapidly and generate sharp V-shaped ripples on the water surface. In slow retrieve, appeal the action of rolling the subsurface. The ultra-low centre of gravity flat balancer developed specifically for the slender body realizes delicate natural roll action. The synergetic effect with the striking flushing produced by the flat side body drives the feeding mode monster to the surface. In addition, an aero body with extremely low air resistance and an ultra-low centre of gravity flat balancer realize long-distance casts of different dimensions. The cutter 115 is a secret weapon that unscrews the sea bass from the intense wear situation.

Length 119.5mm

Weight 18.5g

Type Sinking

Hook Size: # 4 


Megabass Cutter 115