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Diamond Eye Jigs


A common problem with slow is their unstable sinking nature making it difficult to pin point the targeted depth and location. The Jigging Master Diamond Eye Slow Pitch Jig features a patented brand-new design with "eight facets"  to perfectly balance the jig with increased sinking rate. Made to be extremely balanced and hydrodynamic, the Diamond Eye sinks faster, is extremely easy to jerk and provides excellent motion performance even in strong current and strong wind conditions. 

The hologram like surface finish combined with the facets/cuts creates a rainbow array of colours from various angles, making it irresistible for the preying game fish even at low-appetite. The Diamond Eye works in all strike zone, works for fast and slow jigging style of fishing and comes with a realistic 3D eye. 

Jigging Master Diamond Eye Slow Pitch Jig Features:

  • 8 Facet patented design ensures higher sinking speed and more accurate strike zone targeting
  • Reflective holographic surface finish to attract maximum attention and actions
  • Centre balanced jig flatten and rotates on the fall
  • Realistic 3D eye
  • Water ergonomic for repetitive jerking
  • High current and strong wind condition compatible
  • Excellent motion performance
  • Erratic falling action when worked slow
  • Sliding action from side to side when worked fast


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