Jack Fin Pelagus 165S

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Pelagus 165-S is a sinking stick-bait specifically designed for Bluefin Tuna fishing.
Its particular action makes it excellent for frenzy fishing both in the presence of apathetic Tunas hunting small herds of forage. During sinking phase, his "wobbling" action is able to take the attention of tuna from considerable distance. Thanks to its versatility, Pelagus lends itself to multiple retrieve actions and its aerodynamics ensures great casting performances.

Recommended settings:
- two hooks #6/0
- (belly) treble hook ST-66 #2/0; (tail) single hook #6/0

- two treble hooks ST-66 #2/0

This lure in designed for heavy fishing: it has through wire solution with 1,8 mm stainless steel and the colours are protected by several layers of extra-strong glossy finish.