Jack Fin Pelagus 165F

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Pelagus 165-F is a floating stick bait specifically designed to target bluefin tuna. Its most important feature is being able to customize the swimming action with various types of retrieves including long jerking, short jerking and WTD. With its sinuous action has proved itself successful in both feeding frenzy and in case of single and apathetic fish. Its aerodynamic shape is designed to guarantee great casting distance.
Recommended setting:

  • (belly) treble hook 2/0 ST-66; (tail) single hook 6/0
  • (belly) treble hook 7/0; (tail) single hook 6/0
  • Two treble hooks ST-66 2/0

​The lure is designed for heavy fishing. It is armed with 1,6 mm stainless steel through wire and the paint is protected by several layers of extra-strong glossy finish.