Evergreen Poseidon Slow Jerk


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Ever Green Poseidon Slow Jerker

The times have finally caught up. The Ever Green Poseidon Slow Jerker is a real slow speed pitch rod, considered to be one of the best in the world. This rod is specially designed to work jigs more than fighting the fish - it is recommended that you do not lift the rod up past horizontal when fighting a fish. The recommended jig weight is an estimate based on a standard design, but different jigs will produce different amount of resistance and should be taken in to account.

Ever Green Poseidon Slow Jerker features:
Guide system - It uses Titanium framed guides with SiC inserts. The tip is an MN model, with the other guides being KT and LRV to reduce any tangles.
Complete blank-through structure - By adopting a complete blank-through structure, the Slow Jerker series is literally seamlessly designed from the top, to the end of the rear grip. In addition to exceptional transmission performance, even with shorter rods, it is possible to not waste any power. Through this, although it is a thin blank boasting overwhelming lightness, it exerts outstanding flexibility and power, even for larger fish.
Reel seat design - Fuji T - DPS 22 by Otari Sato. Designed to transmit any vibration through to the hand - exceptional feel and sensitivity.
Bonanza Coating - By coating the blanks with Bonanza, this rod resists scratches as well as resisting any water damage.

Model Length Weight Line Jig Weight Pieces Type
603-2 191cm 115g PE2 2oz (45-100g) 1pc O/H
603-3 191cm 115g PE2 3oz (60-150g) 1pc O/H
603-4 191cm 128g PE2 4oz (90-200g) 1pc O/H
603-5 191cm 133g PE2.5 5oz (120-250g) 1pc O/H
603-6 191cm 135g PE3 6oz (150-300g) 1pc O/H



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