Evergreen Poseidon Slow Jerker

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The Poseidon Slow Jerker PSLJ series of the great Japanese brand Evergreen is a wonderful rod by sea for fishing spinning.

Born precisely for fishing in by sea, this beautiful instrument amazes for power, flexibility and sensitivity, very suitable for hunting to tuna or in any case large fish of sea.

In study phase, Evergreen wanted to ensure in the use of these rods a wide range of baits or various forms, ensuring the utmost sensitivity, even with medium to large baits such as jigs from 30 to 300g.

The guidance system is an ultra lightweight SIC with frame guide and ring in titanium,which boasts a high reliability, should be further noted that all of the rods of the series Poseidon above are customized with a ring of colored thread to distinguish the model, in the case of PSLJ -603-4 Slow Jerker the wire is red.

This series uses the system "Blank-Through", a system that uses practically for the entire length of the rod a stem unique in carbon, in fact, as you can see in the photo of presentation, also in the part dedicated to reel seat the blank are not interrupts, this while still providing great lightness, elasticity, but most power, the carbon used was called "Seamless".

The whole series Poseidon adopts the system "Matagi Ybrid" extremely original, it is an spacer material that goes to bridge the gap of spaces between the blank and the reel seat, an ultra lightweight material capable of transmitting maximum sensitivity to all the rod, "feel" to maximum the touch of the fish with the rod of the series Poseidon is greatly increased.

The reel seat, designed by the great Mitsuru Sato Hiroshi is a Fuji DPS22, very slim and compact, it is able to fit in the palm of the hand without having to compel use excessive force, you can feel each transmitted signal by the bait in mode incredible.

The handgrip, separate, is a EVA, its location extremely advanced gives a remarkable balance during fishing and help download the effort in recovery in the entire rod.

Finally, be noted that the Poseidon adopt the coating Bonanza, a film that protects your valuable instrument from salt, dirt and any scratches, ensuring a longer life to the rod.

Model Length Jig Weight Line Section
PSPJ 603L Spin Jerker Light 1.91m 60-150g (3oz) PE 2 1 Piece
PSPJ 603L-5 Spin Jerker Light 1.91m 120-250g (5oz) PE 2.5 1 Piece
PSPJ 602 Spin Jerker 1.88m 60-150g (3oz) PE 2 1 Piece
PSPJ 410 Spin Jerker 1.47m 150-220g (6oz) PE 4 1 Piece
PSPJ 502 Spin Jerker 1.58m 70-110g (3oz) PE 2.5 1 Piece
PHPJ 504 High Pitch Jerker 1.63m 60-150g (3oz) PE 2 1 Piece
PHPJ 600 High Pitch Jerker 1.83m 60-150g (3oz) PE 2 1 Piece
PSLJ 603-2 Slow Jerker 1.91m 45-100g (2oz) PE 2 1 Piece
PSLJ 603-3 Slow Jerker 1.91m 60-150g (3oz) PE 2 1 Piece
PSLJ 603-4 Slow Jerker 1.91m 90-200g (4oz) PE 2 1 Piece
PSLJ 603-5 Slow Jerker 1.91m 120-250g (5oz) PE 2.5 1 Piece
PSLJ 603-6 Slow Jerker 1.91m 150-300g (6oz) PE 3 1 Piece