Decoy YS81 Treble Hook Size 6

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Decoy Y-S81

The Decoy Y-S81 Super Heavy Duty Treble Hooks are super strong treble hooks and are the go-to replacement hook of every angler who wants something that will stand up to the toughest of predators. Each hook features a thin hook eye ideal for inserting split rings and has needle-sharp cut points and heavy-duty construction. You can rely on the Decoy Y-S81 trebles to keep your live bait securely attached and ready for a bite.

Decoy Y-S81 features:
Super strong treble hooks - comparable to Owner ST-46 at 10% less weight
Split ring-friendly hook eye
Point - Decoy hooks use various tapering on its needle point they select the 'best taper design' for different target areas
Forged - Decoy hooks have to go through a strictly controlled forging process
Welding - Welding and heat-hardening process are 'auto-controlled' and the 'accurate solid system' is also weight controlled

Size Pack Weight (ea)
#8 6 0.42g
#6 6 0.59g
#4 6 0.92g
#2 6 1.4g
#1 6 1.9g
#1/0 4 2.6g



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