Daiwa Duckfin Hybrid Stickbait 180

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The ultimate big bait predator lure – The Daiwa Hybrid Swimbait is the ultimate hybrid lure design, combing the best of diving lure design with soft plastic technologies.

The Hybrid Swimbait delivers outstanding action that resembles the swimming movements of a real fish. The solid head design incorporates a bib that allows the lure to dive or be waked on the surface, creating a lateral flanking movement under constant retrieval, perfectly imitating an injured fish. The silicone rear section of the lure incorporates two joints that allows the lure to swim in an “S” pattern even under the slowest of retrieves.

Rigged and ready to fish, the Hybrid Swimbait features a solid head, bib and heavy wire internal construction in the head, 5X strong trebles and a quick release stinger hook. The stinger is attached via HD split rings and a 60lb flexible wire that swings free from the body when the lure hooks up reducing the chance of the hook pulling free of the fish.

Available in two sizes, 18cm and 25 cm, the Hybrid Swimbait is the ultimate in large predator hunting lures. The large 25cm model is ideally suited for large predators like Murray Cod, Barramundi and Mulloway that hunt large baitfish. The smaller 18cm version is ideal for all predatory fish but it is also deadly on impoundment XOS trout.

Ideally the Hybrid Swimbait should be used on longer heavier regular action baitcaster rods. Longer rods allow for greater casting distance, more solid hooksets and precise lure control especially when winding swimbaits through structure.


  • Hard head with diving bib

  • Realistic patterns

  • 3D Eyes

  • UV Active prevents fading

  • Jointed body

  • Back fin and side fins for stability

  • Internal wire construction

  • Quick release stinger hook

  • 5X strong hooks


Type: Slow Floating Swimbait

Length: 180mm               Weight: 50 gm

Length: 250mm               Weight: 125 gm

Depth: surface to 1 m