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The Carpenter Monster Hunter - for monster Giant Trevally

The Carpenter Monster Hunter range of rods is a new generation of heavy GT rods from Carpenter and first released to the market in 2010.

The range has been built for fighting a large GT in a shallow area with high drag tension for less line breaking through the structure.

The main task in development was to create 'shock absorber' for fighting stability and yet to have rod recovering power and casting ability. Combining their know-how from long time testing with newer blank technology, Carpenter made these contrary elements possible and built ideal rods for the purpose.

The Monster Hunters are heavy rods in different type compare to traditional LGM Super Popping in heavier range like SP78UHL and SP78EXH. This range has been built with a more progressive overall action although this is most noticeable from the middle of the rod to the tip. This gives the rods great casting ability as they load easily without the need to have the characteristic snap that the older Super Popping range required to launch lures a long way. This action also makes the Monster Hunter range a more forgiving rod on the angler when fighting a fish as its action places less stress on the angler overall. The heaviest of the SPs like the SP78UHL are more capable rods on the largest poppers due to their very firm tips and fast actions but conversely, they are very unforgiving when fighting a fish.

The Carpenter Monster Hunter is also very versatile for lures.

The Monster Hunters released to date comprising the MH80H and MH79XH have received very positive feedback from many anglers who have been impressed by just how usable the rods are.

Model Type Sections Length Line Lure Rod Weight Max Drag
MH 80H Spin 2 pce 8'0" PE8-10 250g 430g 13kg
MH 79XH Spin 2 pce 7'9" PE8-10 300g 415g 14kg
MH 80H II Semi-Custom Spin 2 pce 8'0" PE8-10 250g 430g 13kg



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