Carpenter Endless Passion


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Carpenter Endless Passion

The Carpenter Endless Passion series of rods are often a bit longer for better casts yet can still handle a decent lure weight as well as working poppers. Introducing the KLL version in the EP 82/42R-P1 PE8-10 for the ultimate rod!

Model Type Sections Length Line Lure Rod Weight Max Drag
EP 88/35 Spin 2 pce 8'8" PE6-8 170g 410g 10Kg
EP 85/36 Spin 2 pce 8'5" PE6-8 180g 392g 10kg
EP 82/38 Spin 2 pce 8'2" PE6-8 190g 396g 11kg
EP 86/40R-P1 Spin 2 pce 8'6" PE6-10 230g 406g 12kg
EP 82/42R-P1 (KLL) Spin 2 pce 8'2" PE8-10 220g 397g 13kg



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