Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live Search 490 Glow 2.5


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Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live Search 490 Glow 2.5

Yamashita’s Egi Oh Q Live Search 490 Glow squid jigs feature a number of unique features but what places this jig above and beyond other jigs is the 600Hz rattle inside the body. Yamashita have discovered through collaborative research with one of the leading Universities in Japan that squid can pick up sounds between 400Hz and 1400Hz with 600Hz being the optimum level for squid to be most interested.

In order for the 600Hz internal rattle to be achieved Yamashita needed to change the body material of the jig to a special bone plastic material and use stainless steel ball bearings rather than plastic or glass, which are found in most common rattles. The result of this bone plastic and stainless steel bearing creation is a high pitched rattle that no other jig on the market can replicate.

490 Glow was developed by Yamashita after research indicated that the best wavelength of visible light for squid is 490nm.  The 490 Glow technology has now also been applied to the Live Search range of jigs so it not only incorporates the best sound for squid, but also the best light for squid, the warm jacket and the easiest darting action for the angler. 

The latest addition to the Egi Oh Q Live series is the 490 Glow. This is squid jig has a tuned glow of 490nm, which along with the research from a leading Japanese university Yamashita discovered is the best glow colour for the squids eye to detect. This added feature along with all the regular features of the Egi Oh Q Live like the warm jacket thermo storage cloth, stainless steel hooks and slim nose design make this a very well performing jig and a must have in any squidders arsenal. 

600Hz rattle in body - Squid can hear sounds between 400Hz and 1400Hz with 600Hz being optimal.

Warm Jacket – Thermo-storage cloth will transfer any light into heat for a more natural appeal.

490 Glow - Tuned 490nm wavelength glow which is the best light for the squid’s eye to detect.

Slim Nose design - Yamashita have a patent on the slim nose design on the Live jigs. This slim nose helps impart a sharp darting action (more action with less effort from the angler).
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